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Requirements Analysis and Vendor Selection

Defining your business case and choosing the right solution to respond to your business requirements can be a overwhelming task.  There are many “solutions” available in the marketplace, but determining which one is right for your company requires an understanding of your current business and technology environment, available products in the marketplace, and which one best serves the needs of your company. 

TNT Technologies has assisted many of its clients with defining their business needs and selecting the right tool for the job.  TNT ensures that the solution will embrace your current infrastructure, the business requirements, and the process improvements that will be developed as a subset of this implementation.

Project Management

BPM and BI implementations are unique and can be challenging to manage.  They incorporate new technology and process improvements to provide company’s with a new way of managing their business.  TNT recognizes that these implementations are different from a traditional system development project.

Our project methodology encompasses repeatable components, technical and functional expertise, and rapid development. Our project managers are certified PMPs (Project Management Professionals), they are Six Sigma certified, and they have years of successful project implementations.  Your internal project lead will be provided an updated project plan and status on a weekly basis. 


TNT Technologies recognizes that a successful implementation requires many things.  We take the time to get to know your business and your business practices.  Our exceptional team of seasoned implementation consultants will employ a “best practices” approach which is derived from proven results, their diverse experience, and industry experts.  TNT will provide your company a proven implementation methodology that includes:

  • Enterprise Architectural and System Design
  • A firm understanding of your Unique Business Environment
  • Integration with the current Technology Infrastructure
  • Solid Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Substantial Knowledge Transfer
  • Reliable Support